Frequently Asked Questions

How does the thrift search work?

To search for thrift stores in your area, simply go to the search map or use the search form at the very top. If you allowed the app to use your location, then you will automatically, see what thrifts are in your area. If you have moved the map out of your area and want to go back, just select the loction icon next to the search form and it will take you back.

If you selected to not allow the app to use your location and you would like to change that selection, all you have to do is go in your settings and turn on location services for ThriftyPickers.

How do I save my favorite stores?

To save a thrift store to you favorites, go to the details of the thrift and hit the heart icon. After you select the "Save" option, you can now view all your favorite stores in your favorites list under the "Faves" tab. Now you can get to you favorites thrifts even faster!

What if a thrift store closed down or has incorrect info?

If a thrift store has closed down or has some information that needs updating, let us know and we'll update as soon as possible. To report a listing for updating, please go to that listing, scroll to the bottom, and select "Report Inaccurate Information". You will then be able to send the listing to us explaining what needs to be updated.

How do I share a thrift store?

To share a thrift store with friends and family, simply go to the thrift store details and select the share icon below the map. After you tap the share button, your mobile device will display the sharing options to share via email, messaging, on Facebook, or Twitter.

Why don't I see any stores in my area?

We have thousands of listings for thrift stores all over the U.S. and our list is growing everyday. If you don't see any thrifts in your local search, please try expanding your search radius.

Why are post of items I posted from a thrift store suddenly gone?

All post are expired after 7 days. We do this to keep the items posted in a thrift store as fresh as they can be.

Why are my favorites gone after the update?

Unfortunately, we had to make some changes to the overall search of the app. With this change we had to clear everyones favorite stores from their list. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What is the feed for?

The feed is for a user to view items other users, or the store themselves, have posted when in that store. Its great to get an idea of what types of items are sold, what new items are there, etc.

Why am I not seeing anything in my feed after favoriting a thrift store?

There aren't any posted items found at your favorite thrift stores yet or existing post have expired. If you, another user, or the store themselves post a picture of an item, it will then appear in your feed.

Reporting a post?

We take spam, inappropriate content, and overall misuse very seriously. If you see something, please say something. On each post, there is an icon at the top right area of a post. When you select that icon, you will be able to notify us of this post. We will then investigate and take care of it.

How do I add a thrift store?

To add a thrift store, please go under the 'More Options' section of the app. Scroll down and you will find a button to add a new thrift store. Please fill out all fields on the submit form and hit send. As soon as we review and validate the info, we will add it on in.

How do I delete a post I have made?

To delete a post, visit your profile section in the app. You will then see all the post you have done in the app. Select the post, on the top right corner you will see an icon that will allow you to delete the post right away.

Who can see my posts?

All users can see any posts and ratings you submit. However you must be a registered user in order to post items from a thrift store and review/rate a thrift store.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to your profile area in the app and scroll down. You will then find a link that will allow you to delete your account. You will have to re-login to your account in the process of deletion. After you re-login, your account will be disabled immediately and you will be logged out. All account information will then be permanently deleted within 15 days.